A collection of unusual and incomplete ttf typefaces for use as display fonts. And not for copy text. However, you may use them as you wish.

Several of the fonts have been used by professional web designers in imaginative and creative ways. How do I know? I ask people intending to use a font professionally to kindly ask permission beforehand.

Donations and monetary tributes are welcome additions to my PayPal account 53stephen[at]gmail.com

Uusimaa Type Foundry Inc itself does not exist outside the imagination of the creator of these fonts. It is a non-profit, non-existant company. The fonts, though, are real enough.

Copyright 2014 Stephen Bird email: 53stephen[at]gmail.com

This is by far my most popular font. It was made by scanning the tiny lettering printed on slightly absorbant paper by an office rubber stamp.



Schalk was produced by photographing handwritten letters on an old-fashioned chalkboard.

I thought it was time for UTFI to have its own tall and skinny font and it turned out like this.



An exploration into grotesk fonts. Similar to late 19th century fonts which gave rise to Univers and Helvetica in the 1950s.


A font similar to Futura but created entirely from geometric shapes. Paired with Spyrogeometric. NB: updated version

A font created entirely from geometric shapes. Paired with Spyroclassic. NB: updated version (letters with tilde corrected)



This semi-serif experiment has proven to be surprisingly popular and has been used in a children’s storybook and for signage in a bookshop.

Inspired by Neville Brody’s work for The FACE and Arena magazines. Features small caps as standard.



An art nouveau font based on a gravestone inscription seen in a Prague cemetery. Many alternate characters.